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Cover image for Blackpink’s New Music Video To Have ‘The Highest Production Cost’
Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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Blackpink’s New Music Video To Have ‘The Highest Production Cost’

Are you ready for Blackpink’s upcoming comeback? Apparently, it’s going to be the group’s most expensive production till date!

According to a statement from YG Entertainment on 26 July, the four members of Blackpink (Jisoo, Jenny, Rosé, and Lisa) are currently in the midst of filming a music video for their upcoming comeback.

YG’s representative said, “The highest production cost has been put in,” adding that the whole process (of comeback preparation) is proceeding pretty smoothly as they have been preparing for it in an organized fashion with a thorough plan.

Starting with their comeback in August, Blackpink is planning to embark on a massive scale world tour - their first (tour) since 2018-2020’s In Your Area. Additionally, YG Entertainment has previously stated, “A lot of music with the bold and intense sound that Blackpink is known for has been prepared for quite some time.” Due to this announcement from the agency about the girl group having a number of new song projects for this comeback, fans are very curious about the group’s comeback and promotional content.

This will be Blackpink’s first comeback as a full group in about a year and 10 months time. Their last release was 2020’s The Album which was their first full-length album. The group released a pre-release title, How You Like That, and a special collaboration single, Ice Cream ft. Selena Gomez, leading up to the album’s release.

Just a couple of days ago, the quintet revealed that they are releasing a music video for their song Ready For Love on 29 July. They previously performed the song on PUBG Mobile’s in-game concert, The Virtual and for a studio session featured in their 2020 Netflix documentary film, Light Up The Sky.

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Cover Photo Source: Instagram/blackpinkofficial

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