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Cover image for YG Entertainment Comments On Jisoo’s Health As Fans Get Concerned Over A Lump On Her Neck
Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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YG Entertainment Comments On Jisoo’s Health As Fans Get Concerned Over A Lump On Her Neck

YG Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as YG) has clarified the rumors about BLACKPINK member Jisoo's health.

Earlier this week, fans noticed the appearance of a coin the size of a lump on Jisoo's right neck, raising concerns about her health. Pictures of Jisoo appearing to have a lump on her right neck have spread in online communities and social media. Fans have expressed concerns about the idol’s health, saying that the lump grows when there is a schedule, and the lump disappears or decreases in size when there is no schedule.

As a lot of fans started raising concerns about Jisoo’s health, YG released an official statement that Jisoo was digesting the world tour schedule without any problems.

In this regard, YG told South Korean news site OSEN on 4 November, "Jisoo is handling the world tour schedule well, and there is no problem in [her] health."

Blackpink Concert

Photo Source: Twitter/BLACKPINK

Currently, BLACKPINK are in the middle of the 'BLACKPINK WORLD TOUR BORN PINK' which is reportedly the largest world tour by a K-pop girl group that mobilizes about 1.5 million people. Right now, they are in the North American leg of their tour - performing 14 shows in 7 cities. Later this month and in December, they will move to Europe and hold 10 performances in 7 cities there.

While some fans are happy about YG addressing the issue and the announcement about how Jisoo is in good health, others feel that artists don’t really have the obligation to disclose their health status publicly like this.

What do you think about this? Leave your thoughts in the comments for us!

Cover Photo Source: Twitter/BLACKPINK

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