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Cover image for JYP Issues Warning Against Stray Kids’ Invasion Of Privacy
Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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JYP Issues Warning Against Stray Kids’ Invasion Of Privacy

JYP Entertainment has issued a strong warning against the ongoing invasion of the privacy of Stray Kids.

JYP Entertainment issued a statement on 11 November threatening to take strong legal action against those who continued to violate Stray Kids' privacy and basic rights in the future.

Despite having "made several prior announcements regarding this issue," the agency noted that a number of individuals continued to engage in "actions such as waiting for the artist close to their dorm, following them into their dorm elevator, and trespassing into the dorm building up to their doorstep." JYP Entertainment also stated that they had collected evidence of such actions and forwarded it to the police, threatening that they would both press criminal charges.

Read the company full statement about this in English below:

Hello, this is JYPE.
We would like to thank the fans who always show Stray Kids lots of love and support.
There have been repeated cases of people invading our artist’s privacy even though we have made several previous announcements regarding this issue. Especially due to people committing actions such as waiting for the artist near their dorm, following them into the elevator of their dorm, and sneaking into the dorm building up to their doorstep, serious mental and physical distress is being experienced not only by the artist, but also their neighbors who live in the same building.
According to the law regarding the punishment of stalking crimes, engaging in the aforementioned actions is considered “stalking behavior” and constitutes a crime that can be punished by up to three years of imprisonment or a fine of up to 30 million won.
If the situation persists, it is likely that it will have a negative impact on the maintenance of the artist’s dorm. We ask you to recognize that acting only out of self-interest can cause harm to others and to refrain from such activities.
Following our previous notice, we gathered evidence including CCTV footage of people committing actions that violate our artist’s privacy and personal rights, and we transferred them to the police station in charge.
If the violations continue after this notice is posted, we will not only place the perpetrators on a permanent blacklist for Stray Kids fan club activities, but also take all possible civil and criminal [legal] measures available according to the laws related to stalking crimes. We notify you that we continue to have no intention of reaching a settlement or showing leniency in such cases
JYPE will continue to work harder for our artist’s safety and the protection of their rights.
We ask for your active cooperation.
Thank you.

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Cover Photo Source: Twitter/Stray_Kids

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