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Cover image for HYBE Releases Plans For 2023 Through Community Briefing
Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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HYBE Releases Plans For 2023 Through Community Briefing

Park Jiwon, CEO of HYBE announced the activities of their artists for the year 2023.

On 10 November, HYBE broadcasted a video titled ‘HYBE Company Briefing with the 2022 Community’ worldwide through the HYBE Labels YouTube channel where CEO Park briefly announced the activity plans of HYBE label artists such as &TEAM, Tomorrow X Together, Seventeen, Fromis_9, NewJeans, and Le Sserafim.

CEO Park Ji-won said, "One month later, on 7 December, HYBE Labels Japan's first new boy group &TEAM will debut.

Also, Big Hit Music's Tomorrow by Together will kick off the new year with a release. CEO Park Ji-won said, "(TOMORROW X TOGETHER) will come out with their 5th mini album in January 2023."

As predicted, BTS will focus on individual activities for the time being. CEO Park Ji-won said, "Following Jin, who released a single album, we plan to release RM's solo album soon."

Pledis is also fully prepared. CEO Park Ji-won announced, "We plan to release Min-hyun's solo album following Baek-ho's solo album. Seventeen and Fromis_9 are also preparing to release new albums in the first half of next year," he explained adding, "Be Lift Labs plans to release a new album after Enhypen's overseas tour ends early next year. We are also preparing for the debut of Be Lift Lab's second artist. It is currently in production,” he added.

Park also mentioned Source Music, which debuted their monster rookie group, Le Sserafim this year. CEO Park Ji-won said, "We plan to increase opportunities to meet fans offline, including global tours in Asia and North America, while supporting active album activities that communicate with global fans including Korea and Japan."

Another big HYBE rookie, NewJeans, also announced plans. CEO Park Ji-won said, "Ador, who set new records and new music charts at the same time as their debut, and raised the rookie team as a trending artist, will support NewJeans' active album activities through different music and content next year."

In this company briefing held under the theme of ‘coevolution’, various actors forming the HYBE community appeared and presented the direction of HYBE through the process of finding answers to the questions given to each.

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Cover Photo Source: HYBE Corp
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