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Cover image for BTS and Pharrell Collab On The Way!
Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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BTS and Pharrell Collab On The Way!

The rumored Pharrell and BTS collaboration is actually happening! Pharrell himself has confirmed it.

On 1 November, Rolling Stone magazine published an exclusive interview with BTS's RM and Pharrell in which the two artists discussed music, life, and other topics. Pharrell revealed near the end of the interview that he has collaborated with BTS on a song for his upcoming album "Phriends."

"Well, my project is called... it's [under] my name, and the title of the album is 'Phfriends. It's the first volume. Obviously, you guys [BTS] are on there. And I'm probably talking about it more than I should, but it's a song from my album that [BTS] sang, and it's incredible, and I'm grateful," the American artist and producer explained.

"I just love this song," RM said about the song and Pharrell agreed, "I love it too... "Everyone who hears it says, 'Whoa.'" Pharrell later offered to collaborate with RM on his upcoming solo album, raising the prospect of a second collaboration between the two singers.

"I'm just going to put this out there," Pharrell said of RM's new solo album, which was just officially announced by Big Hit Music on 1 November too, “You stated that you are 90% finished with your solo album. But if you're in the last 10%, if you need—you don't need me, but I mean..."

"I always needed you, for 15 years," RM interjected, and Pharrell continued, "OK, well, if you want to do something, we can actually do it." In what appeared to be confirmation that the two would be working together on his upcoming album as well, RM responded, "Please... I am humbled and grateful."

Check out the full video below:

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Cover Photo Source: Twitter/bts_bighit, Pharrell

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