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Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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Two BTS Songs Banned From Broadcast By KBS

Two songs from BTS’ upcoming album, Prof, have been banned from broadcast by KBS channel.

A representative of KBS stated that the songs had swear words, and vulgar expressions used in the lyrics which failed to meet their broadcasting standards. Apparently, Hybe had submitted four tracks from the upcoming album - Yet to Come (The Most Beautiful Moment), Run BTS, For Youth, and Born Singer - for consideration (for broadcasting) as the group will probably perform and promote these tracks. Among these, Run BTS and Born Singer are the songs that have been banned. Additionally, For Youth is still being considered if its fit for broadcasting or not as concert sound effects fill up the opening 30 seconds of the track and there is no voice or lyrics there. Till date, only the title track, Yet to Come (The Most Beautiful Moment), has been cleared for broadcasting.

This isn’t the first time something of this sort has happened in Kpop. Often, songs get banned either for their lyrics or visuals not meeting the broadcasting standards which are quite strict in Korea. There have been many instances of artists having to change specific moments of their choreography or lyrics to abide by the broadcasting standards.

BTS appearing and promoting on music shows is a big news for fans as they had stopped doing so after 2020’s ON promotions. Fans speculate this is probably because music shows have started letting in live audiences again - something they had stopped doing after the Covid-19 pandemic.

On 3 June their label, Bighit Music, announced through Weverse that the group will participate in filming Music Bank on 17 June. Additionally, other Korean news sites have reported that BTS will also perform at M Countdown and Inkigayo on 16 and 19 June, respectively.

Photo Source: Twitter/bts_bighit

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