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Cover image for BTS To Promote Proof On Korean Music Shows M Countdown, Music Bank and Inkigayo
Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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BTS To Promote Proof On Korean Music Shows M Countdown, Music Bank and Inkigayo

One thing that is pretty unique about the Kpop industry is that artists go on music shows to promote their recent releases through performances. Right now, there are six weekly music shows that happen everyday (one per day of course) except on Mondays. So, a lot of Kpop artists are really busy when they are promoting a new comeback as they have to attend these shows while also appearing on other programs like variety shows, talk shows, radio shows and more.

Although fans really enjoy these music show performances, it is pretty tough for artists to do as they usually have to stay at the studio (where the music show is happening that day) the whole day for it. This is because music shows ask all the performers to be present on stage when they announce the winner at the end of the broadcast. Plus, they also usually have short interview segments in between performances where they invite performers to talk about their songs or about what they will do to celebrate if they win first place that day. It’s not difficult to see why after achieve a level of seniority and success idols tend to either appear on these shows selectively or forgo them altogether.

BTS is arguably the most popular and successful Kpop act of all time. With the success and fame they have, they definitely don’t need to go to any show to promote their songs. But the group has decided that they will appear on a number of music shows this month to promote their upcoming comeback.

On 3 June their label, Bighit Music, announced through Weverse that the group will participate in filming Music Bank on 17 June. Additionally, other Korean news sites have reported that BTS will also perform at M Countdown and Inkigayo on 16 and 19 June, respectively.

This will be their first time performing at music shows after 2020’s ON. Fans think they have started appearing on music shows again as music shows are allowing live audiences again.

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Cover Photo Source: Youtube/KOREA Dispatch
CC BY 3.0

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