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Cover image for NewJeans Invite Us To Take A ‘Lookie’ With Cookie (NewJeans Cookie Review)
Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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NewJeans Invite Us To Take A ‘Lookie’ With Cookie (NewJeans Cookie Review)

NewJeans surprised us all when they debuted with Attention last week. Although we knew that a girl group from Hybe’s new label Ador was debuting sometime this year, no one had a clue that the first we’d see or hear from them would be through their debut music video. And like the title of this debut suggests, this definitely brought them a lot of attention.

I personally am a big fan of Attention. The song is right up my alley with its 90s RnB vibe and I’ve been replaying the dance version of its music video a lot. Now that NewJeans have finally released their songs digitally, Attention went straight into my playlist and I’m sure it will remain there throughout summer - possibly this whole year (and more).

However, I haven’t enjoyed NewJeans’ subsequent releases as much. The song that followed Attention, Hype Boy is also similar enough to Attention that if you like one of these, you will most probably like the other too. What makes Hybe Boy interesting are the four p.o.v. music videos for it. The third release, Hurt, is slower, softer and mellow-er. It’s a pretty nice ballad but I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t gone back to listen to it after the first time.

Now we have the final song from their debut EP released digitally on 1 August, Cookie. It confirms to the visual and sonic aesthetic we’ve all come to associate with NewJeans by now but it also manages to develop the group’s RnB sound further. This is definitely the song that leans the most towards RnB and has very subtle pop undertones. It is very easy listening and the ‘cookie’ part is very catchy too.

The music video is way more laidback and simplistic than their other ones. I love the styling and art direction of it. This video is more of a choreography video and as expected the girls of NewJeans greatly pull it off.

Lastly, we can’t end a review about Cookie without talking about it’s controversial lyrics. While the lyrics might seem pretty cute at first, there is some undeniable sexual undertones to it. All the members of the group are very young - especially Hyein who is a ‘08 liner. And with all the discussion surrounding Min HeeJin’s art inspirations and her previous work, it’s a little difficult to just take the song as it is.

What do you think about NewJeans’ Cookie? Tell us in the comments below!

Cover Photo Source: Twitter/newjeanspics

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