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Cover image for Hybe Ador’s New Girl Group NewJeans Debut With A Music Video For Attention (NewJeans Attention Review)
Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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Hybe Ador’s New Girl Group NewJeans Debut With A Music Video For Attention (NewJeans Attention Review)

The new group from Hybe’s sub-label Ador headed by Min Heejin has debuted!

On 22 July, the group, NewJeans, dropped their debut music video for Attention which came as a surprise to Kpop fans who haven’t been following their debut roll out attentively. While the group has been putting out promotional content like their concept photos on their website, they didn’t exactly follow the current Kpop marketing formula of rolling out promotional content on their social media for a month before the official release to build up hype for the comeback/debut. They only started posting on their official Twitter, Instagram and Tiktok accounts after the M/V release.

This unusual release pattern is pretty refreshing to see in the Kpop scene as it can get tiring to follow every group’s comeback rollout for a month. And in some cases, the snippet of the song in the teaser video, concept trailer or highlight medley sounds much better than the actual track.

Attention is a pleasant pop song that has a nostalgic vibe to it as it sounds like something you’d get in the early 2000s. There are no high note belt outs or misplaced rap or dance breaks. The song just flows in pretty much the same intensity from start to finish. The wispy falsetto hook is very catchy and very pretty.

Here is how the song is described on NewJeans’ official website:

With a groovy je ne sais quoi highlighted by a bustling beat, this song confidently boasts its thrilling feeling through key changes that jump between major and minor. The track opens with a hip, rhythmic vibe and melts seamlessly into a chorus with full, rich harmonies.

The music video for the track is also very pleasant. I know I’m starting to sound very repetitive but there’s no better word for it. We start off with the members attending a rock band’s concert and then follow them as they hang out cheerfully with some choreography shots chiming in every now and then. The chore for the song matches the track and its vibe immaculately. They have already put out a performance video for Attention. Check it out below!

All in all Attention is a chill song that I’m sure is gonna stay on my playlist throughout summer and now I’m very excited to see what else NewJeans is going to release.

What are your thoughts on NewJeans’ Attention? Tell us in the comments!

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