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Cover image for Meet NewJeans: The Brand New Girl Group Under Hybe Labels Directed By Min HeeJin
Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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Meet NewJeans: The Brand New Girl Group Under Hybe Labels Directed By Min HeeJin

Just a couple of days ago we caught a first glimpse of Hybe Labels’ new girl group, NewJeans, when they surprise released their debut music video for Attention and they definitely got everyone’s attention through that bold move.

Besides coming from a label as big as Hybe, they are also directed by Min HeeJin, the woman who creatively led SM Entertainment’s most iconic releases including Girls’ Generation’s Genie, SHINee’s View, f(x)’s Red Light and Four Walls, EXO’s Monster, Red Velvet’s Peek-a-boo and NCT’s 7th Sense and Cherry Bomb. So when there were murmurs of her debuting a girl group in her own agency under the Hybe Labels umbrella, fans were eagerly waiting to see what she had up her sleeve for a project this big.

The two releases from NewJeans so far have once again proved why Min HeeJin is regarded as one of the best Kpop directors. NewJeans’ take on the Y2K sound and visual aesthetic has been one of the best - if not the ultimate best - in Kpop so far. We are ardently awaiting the official release of their first album and everything we’ll get leading up to it because we’re sure it will be very well executed.

NewJeans has a five member lineup - all born between 2004 and 2008. Most of them were recruited through the Plus Global Audition conducted by Hybe in 2019.

The eldest member, Hanni (full name Phạm Ngọc Hân or Hanni Pham) is the first Vietnamese idol from Hybe. Fans are speculating that she is Vietnamese-Australian because she used to be part of a dance crew based in Melbourne called AEMINA Dance Crew. She has apparently trained for over 2 and half years, and has a cameo in BTS’ Permission To Dance music video.

The next member, Minji (full name Kim Minji), also made a cameo in BTS’ Permission To Dance music video. She, like Hanni, is a ‘04 liner and is a former Source Music trainee. She probably has the longest training period out of all the members - though we’re not sure how long that is - as she was the face for the Plus Global Audition campaign.

05’ liner Danielle (full name Danielle Marsh or Mo Jihye) is Korean-Australian and she apparently began her training in early 2020. Danielle’s mom is Korean while her dad is Australian and she was born and grew up in Australia prior to joining Ador. She participated in the filming of the 2011 tVN show, Rainbow Kindergarten. She was also listed as one of the songwriters for NewJeans’ debut track Attention.

Haerin (full name Kang Haerin) is the member who we know the least about since nothing about her past has been revealed yet. There are some claims about her being able to perform pansori well although we don’t know how legit these claims are. The only thing fans have been able to verify about this ‘06 liner is that she is incredibly good at singing and dancing.

Maknae Hyein (full name Lee Hyein) joins the ever expanding list of giant maknaes of Kpop. Because of her immaculate performance skills, super long legs and palpable charisma in front of the camera, the ‘08 liner Hyein, has been compared to IVE member Jang Wonyoung. She used to be in Kids Planet’s group USSO.GIRL and her stage name was U.jeong.

Is there anything else you know about the members of NewJeans? Tell us in the comments below!

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