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Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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Here Are All The Kpop Comebacks and Debuts in June

There are a lot of artists set to comeback and debut in June. Here is a timeline of every Kpop act releasing music this month.

1 June

  • ADORA with her pre-release Trouble? Travel

2 June

  • Jo Yuri with Love Shh!
  • DVWN with Lost
  • Baek Z Young with I Become A Fool In Front of Love

5 June

  • Highlight’s Son Dongwoon with Today’s Weather

8 June

  • Trendz with Who
  • Secret Number with Doom Chi Ta

9 June

  • Woo!Ah! With Danger
  • Kang Hyewon with Like a Diamond featuring Stella Jang

10 June

  • BTS with Yet To Come

13 June

  • Wonho with Facade
  • bugAboo with Pop

14 June

  • Seo Inguk with Love&Love
  • Paul Kim with What’s Your Star

15 June

  • Drippin with Villain: Zero

20 June

  • Girl’s World debut
  • Lapillus debut
  • Kep1er comeback

22 June

  • Stray Kids with their Japanese release Your Eyes
  • Class:y with the Japanese version of Shut Down

23 June

  • Craxy with Requiem

24 June

29 June

  • Rocket Punch with Fiore

How excited are you about these comebacks and debuts? Tell us in the comments!

Cover Photo: Youtube/SBS Radio, Youtube/KOREA Dispatch,, Youtube/JYPAudition
CC BY 3.0, CC BY 4.0

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