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Cover image for Twice Nayeon To Debut Solo, Releases First Teaser
Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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Twice Nayeon To Debut Solo, Releases First Teaser

Exciting news for Onces! Twice Nayeon is debuting as a soloist soon.

This will make Nayeon the first member from the popular girl group to officially debut as a soloist. Although Twice members have previously released OSTs and covers individually, none of them have released an original solo track.

A solo debut from Twice is something fans have been expecting for a long time now since it's been almost seven years since their debut. Their agency, JYP Entertainment was very adamant about the group promoting as a full group instead of letting the members branch out into solo or unit ventures for the most part. Although the members have performed unit stages at their concerts and appeared in units at variety shows previously, it’s only recently that the girls have started working solo for various projects like magazine cover shoots, brand endorsements and solo photo book releases.

As for Nayeon’s solo debut, all of Twice’s official social media accounts posted a teaser photo with the words, ‘Im Nayeon’ - which is Nayeon's full name and ‘The 1st Mini Album’ printed on it on 19 May KST midnight. The photo also reveals that the album is dropping on 24 June. Additionally, the caption for the post also announces that pre-orders for the album start on 24 May.

Nayeon teaser poster

Photo Source: Twitter/JYPETWICE

Rumors about Nayeon’s solo debut had been floating around the internet ever since JYP Entertainment registered something titled ‘NA / 1st Mini Album’ to Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) back in April. So, Nayeon’s solo debut doesn’t come as a surprise to most fans but it’s still exciting nonetheless.

In another news, all Twice members recently made their individual Instagram accounts public and have been sharing fun photos from their world tour.

How do you feel about Nayeon’s solo debut? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Cover Photo: Twitter/JYPETWICE

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