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Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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All Twice Members Create Personal Instagram Accounts

Idols opening personal Instagram is always exciting for fans. It is perhaps the only social media platform that is mostly operated by the idols themselves. (Of course we are aware of the fact that this isn’t always the case and that most idols also probably have a whole team who takes care of their Instagrams - but it’s still more personal than the group accounts that are very clearly managed by their company.) We do have platforms like Bubble where idols are more candid and share more about themselves and their daily lives - but those are paid services. So, our argument about individual Instagram accounts being the most personal social media interaction with the idols stands.

Twice are the newest idols to join the photo sharing platform. On 17 May, all nine members of the group opened individual Instagram accounts. As the group is currently on the US leg of their concert tour, Twice 4th World Tour III, the first post all members shared is a picture of all of them huddled together at a stage taken from the back. Some members have also shared individual photos of themselves or in Chaeyoung’s case, a drawing made by her.

Check out their individual Instagram accounts below:

Nayeon - nayeonyny

Jeongyeon - jy_piece

Momo - momo

Sana - m.by__sana

Jihyo - _zyozyo

Mina - mina_sr_my

Dahyun - dahhyunnee

Chaeyoung - chaeyo.0

Tzuyu - thinkaboutzu

Till date Twice members had been jointly using the official Twice Instagram accounts to share their pictures. We’re excited to see all the photos they will share now that they have their individual Instagram accounts!

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Cover Photo Source: Wikipedia/Steven Anthony Hammock
CC BY-SA 4.0

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