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Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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Kep1er To Comeback In June After Wrapping Up Queendom 2

Kep1er has announced their first ever comeback!

According to a report released by Xportsnews on 27 May, the girl group is currently preparing for a comeback next month. Another news article released by Dispatch on the same day confirms this news as they apparently talked to their agency Swing Entertainment who stated that Kep1er will comeback on 20 June. The company representative also revealed that the girls have already finished filming the music video for the title track.

Kep1er debuted from the 2021 Mnet survival show Girls Planet 999. The nine finalists of the show formed Kep1er and debuted on 3 January, 2022 with Wa Da Da. The song was well received by fans and their first mini album, First Impact, sold a remarkable 150,000+ copies.

The girl group is one of the contenders on another Mnet show, Queendom 2, right now alongside Sistar member and soloist Hyolyn, WJSN (Cosmic Girls), Loona, Brave Girls and Viviz. Although a majority of the fans are happy with their participation in the show, some feel they shouldn’t have gone on the show because they have a limited time for promotions.

As they are a temporary group, it’s already fixed that Kep1er disbands sometime in July 2024. So, fans feel they should be releasing more content, making frequent comebacks and promoting on different variety shows right now instead of participating in another survival show type competition. Additionally, as competition shows are usually very demanding and take a big toll on its participants, fans feel Kep1er shouldn’t have joined another one so soon after wrapping up Girls Planet 999.

The Kep1er members certainly have their hands full with Queendom 2 performances and a comeback preparation. Although we’re always happy for more Kep1er content, performances and music, we hope they finish all of this healthily and happily!

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Photo Source: Youtube/티비텐
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