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Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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4th Gen Girl Groups Who Will Blow You Away With Their Vocals

With Kpop groups coming out with cool choreographies that seem to get more and more intense with each new release, it looks like the primary focus of the Kpop world has shifted from singing to dancing. We constantly see netizens and fans criticize artists for ‘lackluster live singing’ but today we’re here to challenge this notion because although you can argue that idols are mostly entertainers - and you wouldn't be wrong in that since the Kpop industry encompasses a variety of things that require skills other than singing - Kpop idols are singers first and foremost. As 4th gen girl groups seem to be on the receiving end of these criticisms most often, today we bring you a list of 4th gen girl groups who are known for their incredible singing skills.

As with all groups formed on a survival show, you will definitely find members who have incredible singing skills in Kep1er. Although their debut track, Wa Da Da, and the b-side they promoted alongside it, Mvsk, didn’t showcase it much, Kep1er’s vocal lines are one of the best ones among the 4th gen girl groups. Namely, members Chaehyun and Youngeun are known to boast fantastic singing voices. While Chaehyun has a very distinctive tone, Youngeun can belt high notes with ease. Check out this performance they did for Queendom 2’s voice challenge alongside Loona members!

Arguably one of the - if not the most - popular names in the 4th gen girl groups scene, aespa have been showcasing their vocals since their debut. Their phenomenal singing skills is not a surprise since SM Entertainment is known for always having incredible vocal lines. As Kpop groups usually have members who each have a different set of skills to cover all bases as a full group - i.e. some members focus on singing, others on dancing, others on variety skills, etc - aespa is a group where all four members can sing very well. Although members Karina and Giselle are more known as the rappers of the group, they can both pass as lead vocalists. Their songs Savage and Dreams Come True are good examples of this!

Nmixx is a group whose vocal skills were talked about by Kpop fans even before their debut. Their company, JYP Entertainment, knew what they were doing by putting out videos of the girls covering different songs before they had even announced the name of their (then) upcoming girl group. This is another 4th gen girl groups where all the members can hold their own in the vocal department but members Lily and Haewon are the two names that are always mentioned when fans talk about Nmixx’s vocals. Their debut song O.O was highly divisive with listeners either loving the experimental structure of the song or hating how disjointed each segment sounds. But what all fans can agree on is that the members are all incredibly talented - especially in singing. Check out this awesome live cover of Blackpink’s Kill This Love by Nmixx on the iT’s Live Youtube channel!

Are we missing anyone in this list? Tell us in the comments!

Photo Source: Youtube/이터널리턴, Twitter/NMIXX_official, Youtube/티비텐
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