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Cover image for Former CLC member Jang Yeeun signs an exclusive contract with Superbell Company
Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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Former CLC member Jang Yeeun signs an exclusive contract with Superbell Company

Jang Yeeun, formerly from the Cube Entertainment girl group CLC, has joined hands with a new agency.

On 11 August, Superbell Company claimed, "We have signed an exclusive contract with Jang Yeeun, who has been active both in Korea and abroad. We plan to give full support to Jang Yeeun so that she can show her abilities in various fields including music.”

Jang Yeeun debuted as a member of the group CLC in 2015 as one of the five original members of the group. She showcased her versatility as an artist through CLC’s releases and adapted well to any concept the group decided to follow. Besides that, Jang Yeeun proved her ability as a vocalist when she appeared in Mnet's 'GOOD GIRL: Who Robbed the Broadcasting Station'. Till date, she has showcased her potential through her steady participation in writing lyrics too so fans are expecting her to do well as a solo artist under Superbell Company.

Superbell Company also shared new profile photos of Jang Yeeun through their official Instagram. Check them out below.

Superbell Company announced their official establishment at the same time as they revealed that Jang Yeeun has signed with them. So, she is also their first signed artist. The agency’s CEO Lee Jong-hyun has been in charge of numerous artists, from groups like Shinhwa and Loona to individual activities for members Eric, Shin Hye-seong, Lee Min-woo, and Jeon-jin. The company is apparently formed with the best experts in the entertainment field. In particular, Lee Jong-hyun, a veteran representing the industry, served as the management representative of Shinhwa Company, and also served as the management representative at Blockberry Creative, leading the global growth of LOOΠΔ.

Jang Yeeun is also expected to start various activities as a solo artist by announcing a new leap with Superbell Company, so attention is paid to her future steps.

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Cover Photo Source: Instagram/yyyyeeun

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