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Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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CLC Disband Officially

Girl group CLC have officially disbanded.

According to a statement released by CLC’s agency, Cube Entertainment, on 20 May, the group has ended all activities. CLC haven’t had a comeback since 2020 or taken part in any activity as a full group since. So this news was not shocking to fans.

Additionally, most members of the group have already left the agency. Chinese member Elkie was the first member to leave the group and the agency back in February 2021. Elkie claimed that the main reason she decided to terminate her contract with Cube Entertainment and subsequently CLC was because the company told the members that they would not receive any developmental support from the company in the future. Additionally, she also stated that the company hadn’t paid her throughout the time she was active as CLC.

Later, in November 2021, Thai member Sorn terminated her contract with the company and as a result, left the group. She has been releasing music as a soloist now. In March 2022, Yeeun and Seungyoun also left Cube Entertainment and CLC after their contracts with the company expired.

Member Yujin joined the Mnet survival show Girl’s Planet 999 and as one of the finalists of the show, she is now promoting as a member of the girl group Kep1er. There hasn’t been any news of the remaining members - Seunghee and Eunbi’s state of contracts with the company.

CLC’s last comeback was in August 2020 with Helicopter. Because of the long hiatus and Cube Entertainment’s mismanagement of the group, most fans weren’t too hopeful about another comeback from the group but the company hadn’t put out any statement regarding the girl group’s future. Cube Entertainment’s latest announcement only made CLC’s disbandment official.

We wish the seven (former/) members of CLC all the best for their future and career!

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Cover Photo: Youtube/KATV
CC BY 3.0

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