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Cover image for Ezaki Hikaru Before Debuting In Kep1er (Kep1er Hikaru’s Past)
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Ane Reyl

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Ezaki Hikaru Before Debuting In Kep1er (Kep1er Hikaru’s Past)

Ezaki Hikaru has wowed fans with her incredible skills since before Kep1er’s debut. She was one of the viewers’ favorite contestants since the very first episode of Mnet’s competition show Girls Planet 999. She was the first participant on the show to claim the #1 position and retained her place as one of the most popular Japanese trainees throughout GP999’s runtime. She is known for her strong dancing and rapping skills, and she demands attention every time she performs. There is a reason Hikaru is so skilled at performances. Find out all about it through learning about her past!

She Was In A Japanese Girl Group Called Melty

Hikaru has famously trained at the acclaimed Avex Artist Academy in Japan. Avex is a major music and entertainment label in Japan and it opened the artist academy in 2001 to train future singers and artists. Fans have speculated that Hikaru joined Avex sometime in the mid 2010s.

She debuted as a part of the seven member Japanese girl group MELTY in 2015. Despite her young age - she was only 11 years when MELTY debuted - she drew fans’ attention for her incredible dancing abilities. She was also known to be a good singer while promoting in MELTY.

She Was In A Famous Kids’ Duo +GANG

The very next year, Hikaru was selected to be a part of MELTY’s sub-unit/duo called +GANG. This is when Hikaru started being noticed for her out of this world rapping skills. Fans who saw +GANG perform live couldn’t believe that this young girl of 12 could spit bars with great flow and oozing a lot of sass on stage. She went by the stage name Hikarun back then. +GANG (and possibly MELTY) apparently disbanded in 2018.

Hikaru also performed some solo stages while promoting with +GANG. Check it out below!

She Was In The Original Lineup Of The Japanese Girl Group XG

While under Avex, Hikaru intensively trained alongside the XG members. She was in the original lineup for the now seven member Japanese girl group but before the group officially debuted in early 2022, Hikaru joined the Mnet survival show Girls Planet 999. She ended up being one of the finalists of the show and subsequently debuted in the resulting girl group Kep1er. There have been talks about her joining XG after Kep1er’s disbandment. In a pre-debut teaser titled, XG - The Journey, you can actually catch glimpses of Hikaru practicing with the XG members over the years. Check it out below!

Did you know these things about Ezaki Hikaru’s past? Tell us in the comments below!

Cover Photo Source: Twitter/official_kep1er

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