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Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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Do You Know About XG, The Group Hikaru Will Join After Kep1er?

A new girl group has been making waves in the music industry this year and although their fans and music critics have been loving their songs, not many Kpop fans know about them. The girl group in question is XG. Kep1er member Hikaru is also linked with this group. Let’s find out all about them!

Xtraordinary Girls

The girl group’s name, XG, is actually short for their full name, Xtraordinary Girls. In a pre-debut teaser titled, XG - The Journey, it is shown that the group has been preparing for their debut since 2017. This means the members have been training for at least five years prior to their debut.

Who Are The Members?

XG is a seven member girl group consisting of Jurin, Chisa, Cocona, Hinata, Maya, Juria and Harvey. All members of the group are Japanese but they are being promoted internationally with a big push in the Kpop scene. The members’ ages range from late teens to early twenties as all of them were born between 2002 to 2005.

How Does Hikaru Come Into This?

Apparently, Kep1er member Hikaru was in the original lineup of girls to debut as XG but after becoming one of the finalists of the Mnet survival show, Girls Planet 999, she debuted in the resulting girl group, Kep1er. She is expected to join XG after Kep1er disbands.

Are They Under YG?

No, the group is not related to YG at all. Possibly because their music is heavily Hip Hop and R&B inspired and their name, XG, is very similar to YG, there were rumors about the group being under YG Japan but YG Entertainment has since come out to deny these claims.

XG is managed by XGALX Entertainment - under the Avex umbrella which is considered one of the biggest entertainment conglomerates in Japan.

Debut and First Comeback

XG debuted in March 2022 with their song, Tippy Toes. The track was a hit among international fans and their single album sold out in just three days after release.

They released their first comeback, Mascara, in late June, just three months after their debut.

XG’s music is charismatic and fun. They have the chanty hooks like most Kpop 4th gen girl groups but their songs sound sleek and catchy. All their songs are in English as they are promoting themselves as an International group.

They have been promoting their songs on all the Korean music shows so you find their performances on Youtube.

Is there anything we missed listing about XG? Tell us in the comments!

Cover Photo Source: Twitter/XGOfficial_

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