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Cover image for Le Sserafim Kazuha Looks Gorgeous In Ballerina Themed Photoshoot
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Ane Reyl

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Le Sserafim Kazuha Looks Gorgeous In Ballerina Themed Photoshoot

Le Sserafim member Kazuha stole fans’ hearts right from her debut. Even though she is in a group with two former Iz*one members, Sakura and Chaewon, and another Produce48 star, Yunjin, Kazuha has managed to be the breakout member from her group gaining a lot of attention for her incredible dance skills, elegance, beauty and a friendly and laid back personality.

Kazuha was also featured in a pictorial in Elle Korea’s August issue. The pictorial was conducted with a ballet concept, taking advantage of Kazuha's previous training as a ballerina. The idol was training so seriously in ballet that she learned ballet at two prestigious schools - Bolshoi Academy (Moscow) and Royal Ballet School (London).

Along with the photo shoot, Elle also published an interview with the idol. When asked what she felt about her debut, Kazuha responded, "I think this was the most challenging thing I have faced in my life.” She then stated that as her Korean is getting better - especially since Le Sserafim started promotions for Fearless and was chatting more with the other members - it has made her life (in Korea) a bit smoother as she is able to communicate more easily than before.

When asked about the strengths of her personality, Kazula claimed, "I am more ambitious than I look. ‘Ambition’ means a good thing to me because it makes you think about your dreams without being constrained by realistic restrictions.” Confiding in her experiences of making bucket lists as a child, she added, “Among other things I included in my bucket list, I wrote I wanted to stand on a stage where I could hear people’s shouts, and doing a photo shoot for a magazine. I think I believed in the saying that if you believe you can do what you want to do, it will come true.”

Both ballerinas and K-pop artists have to learn the basics of dance (and music) through rigorous practice. About this Kazuha expressed, “It is easy to become depressed if you focus only on your skills and results. When the stagnant period comes, I think from the beginning why I like this job and why I am doing it, and I try to enjoy the process itself.”

Le Seraphim made a successful debut back in May of this year with their album 'FEARLESS' and a title track of the same name. The group is currently preparing for their upcoming comeback with the album Antifragile that will be released on 17 October.

You can check out Kazuha's gorgeous photoshoot with Elle on their website here.

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Cover Photo Source: Twitter/IM_LESSERAFIM

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