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Cover image for Le Sserafim's 'Antifragile' Surpasses 600,000 Pre-orders
Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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Le Sserafim's 'Antifragile' Surpasses 600,000 Pre-orders

Le Sserafim are coming back soon and it looks like they will be joining the 4th generation of girl groups who are being called record queens.

According to their album distributor YG PLUS, the group’s second mini-album 'ANTIFRAGILE' exceeded 600,000 pre-orders as of 14 October. This is a figure that far exceeds the pre-order number of Le Sserafim’s debut album 'Fearless' which was 380,000 copies. Only debuting in May this year, their growth has been amazing and it is unbelievable that they are just a rookie group who are about to release their second album.

Le Sserafim's storm in the album market was expected early on. Their new album recorded 400,000 pre-orders within 7 days of the start of pre-sale, easily surpassing the total pre-orders of their previous albums. And on 6 October, the pre-order amount exceeded 560,000 copies, making fans think that the group will definitely be declared half a million sellers (at least) with this comeback.

'Antifragile' is an album with the message that the more you face trials, the more you will grow and become stronger. As with their debut album, the five members will present music that incorporates their experiences and thoughts, and will tell stories that only Le Sserafim can tell.

Le Sserafim will release their second mini album 'Antifragile' at 6 pm on the 17 October. The title song of the same name (as the album) is an Afro-Latin-style pop genre song with a heavy Latin rhythm added to it. Executive producer Bang Si-hyuk and producer Team 13 worked together on it. The song contains the message that difficult times are also a stimulus for growth and that through this, we will become stronger.

Check out the two teasers the group has released for Antifragile below:

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Cover Photo Source: Twitter/le_sserafim

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