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Cover image for Le Sserafim Announce Comeback Date And Release First Trailer
Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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Le Sserafim Announce Comeback Date And Release First Trailer

Big news for all Fearnots! Le Sserafim will be back in October with their very first comeback of their careers.

Le Sserafim officially revealed the time and details for their upcoming release on September 19 at midnight KST. The Hybe Labels girl group will release ANTIFRAGILE on 17 October at 6pm KST. As per their agency, Source Music, the album portrays the inner stories and attitudes of the group members as they become stronger once they face adversities.

The first teaser for this upcoming mini album by Le Sserafim was also put out on 19 September and the title of this short and intriguing trailer questions, "DO YOU THINK IM FRAGILE?”

Hybe Labels first confirmed rumors about Le Sserafim’s potential comeback happening soon earlier this month. Source Music, the agency of Le Sserafim, said through Top Star News on 6 September, "We are preparing for a comeback." They added, "The detailed schedule will be announced later." Earlier the very same day, Joy News 24 reported that Le Sserafim had entered the final preparations with the goal of making a comeback in the music industry sometime in mid-October.

This will be the group’s first release following Kim Garam's departure back in July. so, this will also be their first release as a five-member group. Fans loved their debut with FEARLESS in May and are hoping they will get to see the group shine their colors more through this comeback.

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Cover Photo Source: Twitter/le_sserafim

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