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Cover image for Things We Learned From BTS V’s Vogue Cover Interview
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Ane Reyl

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Things We Learned From BTS V’s Vogue Cover Interview

BTS member V recently graced the pages of Vogue Korea for a magnificent photoshoot and an in depth interview. V talked sincerely and reflectively about a number of things including art, his solo project and how he stays calm under pressure among other things. Here are our key takeaways from V’s interview with Vogue.

V’s Respect For All Artists And Forms Of Art

V has shared his love for art on many occasions before and this interview is no different. In this Vogue interview, he talks about love for jazz since he was in school. After being asked if he has any plans of showcasing this interest through his songs, V responded that he is still admiring it from afar and he has in fact been working towards showcasing it but he’ll tell us more about it in the future.

Talking about why he feels music is needed, V stated, “I think music helps all of us breathe. I also don't think I want to live if music is missing from my life. I think music is what multiplies all emotions, such as comfort, emotion, and fun, in every area of my life - like when I go to work, when I am working, when I leave work, and when I eat.”

The interview also touched on V’s love for the work of American poet and journalist William Cullen Bryant and Choi Baekho’s song The End of the Sea. V stated, “I feel solidarity with all artists regardless of nationality, I think that solidarity is precious, and I feel like I learn something by empathizing with them,” showing his love for art and artists everywhere.

V’s View On Relationships And His Approach To Unexpected Situations

The interviewer pointed out that V is known to approach people in a friendly manner and how that isn’t the easiest thing to do when one has a lot of success. To this V replied, “I tend to value relationships with people. I like people, and the artists, the director, the writer, and the reporters are all precious. The people around me now are the precious people who made me who I am today.” He also touched on the fact that he believes V is ‘one of his many personas’ - the one that the public knows the best.

When asked if he tends to react calmly to unexpected situations, V honestly replied, “It looks relaxed, but honestly, it is not. I just pretend like that.” He explained that he tries to think clearly and even if his opinion or choice might not be the right one, he acts with the belief that it is, and that there is no pressure. He also mentioned that he never regrets his actions. “For those who love me, I think I should be nice. Even when I am hurt and have a hard time, thanks to my ARMY, BTS members, family and friends, I am healthy and happy,” he added.

Future Releases And Activities Of V

As BTS are on a break from working on music as a full group right now, the members have been releasing solo music. Discussing what kind of music he wants to release for his solo, V revealed that he wants his solo releases to be something he hasn’t done before and showcase a different side of himself which is different to what he expresses as BTS’ V. He also mentioned, “Everything that ARMYs like is what I like, so I’m going to try everything. There is also talk about appearing on the radio, so I want to try the radio as well,” before adding that since ARMYS are very supportive about the members’ activities - whatever they may be - he feels that his burdens and worries about his ventures have lessened a little.

You can check out all the beautiful pictures published by Vogue Korea featuring V and his full interview here.

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Cover Photo Source: Twitter/bts_bighit

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