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Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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These Charismatic 4th Gen Japanese Idols Have Captured Everyone’s Hearts

Kpop has been targeting the Japanese music market for some time now. And after BoA’s incredible success within the Japanese music industry, the industry has been debuting a lot of Japanese idols. Here are some fourth gen Japanese idols who are incredibly popular among fans.

Ive’s Rei
Rei debuted with Ive on 1 December, 2021. As the first Japanese idol debuting under Starship Entertainment in one of the most anticipated girl groups from that year with two former Iz*one members, a lot of people were looking forward to the idols’ debut. She garnered a lot of attention from fans right from her introductory video showing her quirky and fun personality.

The talented idol’s Korean is so good that her nickname is ‘Kim Rei’. Although Rei is considered a rapper of the group, her stable vocals in Ive’s encore stages always receive a lot of praise from fans. Check out this clip of Rei covering her idol Blackpink Jennie’s Solo.

Le Sserafim’s Kazuha
Hybe’s girl group Le Sserafim already has a few recognizable faces - namely former Iz*one members Sakura and Chaewon, and fellow Produce 48 contestant and former Pledis trainee Huh Yunjin. But the breakout star of the group seems to be another Japanese idol who apparently trained in the company for less than a year. Kazuha is another idol on this list who garnered a lot of attention right from her introductory clip release.

A former ballet dancer, Kazuha is known for her incredibly clean dancing, distinctive voice tone, stunning visuals, fit and leanly muscular body and elegant aura. Check out this viral fancam of her dancing to Le Sserafim’s Fearless from their debut showcase.

Enhypen’s Niki
Niki debuted with Enhypen on 30 November 2020. The idol is known for his incredible dancing and performing skills. He was one of the youngest contestants on I-land, the Mnet-Hybe survival show that created Enhypen, but was known as ‘one of the’ if not ‘the best’ dancers on the show. Even with a short training period of eight months, Niki ended up being one of the finalists of I-land and debuting in Enhypen.

Niki is the youngest member of Enhypen and when they debuted, he truly embodied the cute make role in the group. But in just over a year, Niki has shed that image and is now known for being one of the most charismatic members of the group. Check out this incredible performance by Niki and fellow Enhypen member Jungwon on Studio Choom’s Mix and Max!

Billlie’s Tsuki
It looks like fourth gen Japanese idols all have a knack for dancing. Billlie’s Tsuki is another idol on this list known for her phenomenal dancing skills. But her skills on stage don’t just stop there. The idol went viral earlier this year for her impeccable expressions while performing Billlie’s Ginga Minga Yo (The Strange World). Billlie also has a number of members who were already known pre-debut like - Moon Sua who is a former YG trainee and was featured in the famous ‘Future 2NE1’ video and the younger sister of Astro’s Moonbin, Sheon who was one of the finalists for Girls Planet 999 and was one place short of making it into the final group Kep1er, and Suhyeon who is known for her acting in the mega popular web series, Ateen. But it was arguably Tsuki who popularized Billlie’s name in the Kpop sphere and attracted a ton of fans. After her fancam blew up, Tsuki was invited to every popular Korean variety show there is - bringing more recognition to the group. Check out her viral fancam below!

Kep1er’s Hikaru
Kep1er’s Hikaru is yet another Japanese idol who left a strong impression from her very first appearance. As a contestant on Girls Planet 999, Hikaru showed an incredible first performance - covering Blackpink’s Boombayah. She did so well dancing and rapping to the song that she was the earliest contestant to get first place on the show.

Even after debut, Hikaru has been showing off her incredible performance skills - watch any of her fancams and you’ll see why we are raving about her so much! Recently, she also got a lot of praise while dancing to Purr on Queendom 2 as one of the contestants competing in the Dance Challenge. Check out her fancam of it below!

Of course there are more talented Japanese idols promoting in Kpop. These are just a few names who have gotten super popular in recent times. Let us know about your favorite Japanese idol in the comments!

Cover Photo Source: Twitter/IVE_twt, ENHYPEN_members, IM_LESSERAFIM

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