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Cover image for Blackpink’s Born Pink Gets The Highest Stock Pre-order Ever For A Girl Group Ever
Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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Blackpink’s Born Pink Gets The Highest Stock Pre-order Ever For A Girl Group Ever

Blackpink is getting ready for their eagerly anticipated comeback. BLINKs are overjoyed that their album, Born Pink, is almost ready for release. The lengthy wait is finally coming to an end.

Their management company, YG Entertainment, revealed the album's release earlier this month. They released a number of other materials and details in addition to the teaser poster. Even though the album hasn't yet been released, it is a safe assumption that they are well on their way to a historic comeback.

Now, we get news that BLACKPINK has set a new record for pre-orders of stock in just one week!

BLACKPINK's upcoming second studio album, "BORN PINK," has already surpassed 1.5 million stock pre-orders in one week, according to the group's agency YG Entertainment on 18 August. The group now holds an impressive new record thanks to this! The quantity of album stock produced before the album's release is determined by the number of stock pre-orders. This figure represents the estimated demand, which was calculated using a number of variables, including the quantity of albums that fans had pre-ordered.

With "BORN PINK" set for release on 16 September, the agency stated with confidence that, when this month is taken into account, BLACKPINK will undoubtedly surpass 2 million stock pre-orders, with the possibility that the record may even surpass 3 million.

BLACKPINK's first album since the release of "THE ALBUM" in October 2020 is titled "BORN PINK." BLACKPINK were the first Korean girl group to transcend 1 million stock pre-orders with the release of "THE ALBUM." Only aespa's "Girls" has been able to surpass that mark since then.

On August 19 at noon KST, BLACKPINK will release their pre-release single "Pink Venom," and on September 16 at midnight KST, they will release their full "BORN PINK" album. BLACKPINK will also perform "Pink Venom" at the MTV Video Music Awards later this month.

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Cover Photo Source: Twitter/BLACKPINK

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