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Cover image for BLACKPINK Sell Over 1 Million Copies Of Born Pink On The 1st Day Of Release
Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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BLACKPINK Sell Over 1 Million Copies Of Born Pink On The 1st Day Of Release

Girl group BLACKPINK's 2nd full length album BORN PINK set a new record selling over 1 million copies on the first day.

According to the music industry, this album sold over 101,000 copies on the Hanteo Chart on 16 September, the release date. This is the first time in history that a K-pop girl group’s physical album sales exceeded 1 million copies on the first day based on the Hanteo Chart. This has made BLACKPINK the Kpop artist with the third highest first day album sales right after the well-known male Korean groups BTS and SEVENTEEN.

Compared to BLACKPINK's previous full album, The Album, which sold 589,310 copies on its first day of its release on 2 October, 2020, and went on to sell 689,066 copies in its first week, BORN PINK has sold 421,956 more copies overall. BLACKPINK surpassed 2 million copies in pre-order before release, making them the first double million seller in girl group history.

On the very same day ie. 16 September, the group also released the music video of the title track from BORN PINK, Shut Down. The music video raked up 44 million views on YouTube in about 18 hours of release. Check it out below!

BLACKPINK’s agency YG Entertainment had previously revealed that this is the most expensive music video the company has ever produced. The video features a lot of call backs and tributes to the girl group’s previous music videos which has made fans think they are wrapping up one part of their career and entering a new one.

With equal popularity across North and South America, Europe, Oceania, and Asia, BORN PINK shot to the top of the iTunes Worldwide Chart very quickly. It was the number-one album in 54 different nations on the iTunes Album Chart, including the US and the UK. It was successful in topping the Apple Music album charts in 60 different nations.

The responses on the local music charts are also fantastic. Following its release, the title song, Shut Down, immediately reached No. 1 on Bugs, Vibe, and Genie. It has reached the top rank and is currently dominating the charts with a sharp upward trend in Melon Top 100, which has been updated to include a total of 24-hour usage and the number of users in real-time.

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Cover Photo Source: Twitter/BLACKPINK

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