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Cover image for Blackpink Jisoo Is The New Global Brand Ambassador Of Cartier
Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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Blackpink Jisoo Is The New Global Brand Ambassador Of Cartier

Blackpink members have picked up a lot of brand endorsement deals till date. Among these endorsements, the members being ambassadors of luxury fashion brands is what fans talk about the most. So, Jisoo being named the newest brand ambassador of French luxury goods conglomerate, Cartier, is the talk of the town among Blinks.

Cartier officially named Jisoo as a brand ambassador of the brand on 24 May praising her for having a magnetic aura that resembles that of a panther making her perfect to represent the brand. In response, Jisoo thanked the brand for naming her an ambassador and claiming that she’s looking forward to working with the brand. Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of the brand, Arnaud Carrez, also called Jisoo the voice of the new generation and an artist with a lot of creative freedom.

Some eagle eyed fans have noticed that Cartier had been showing an interest in Jisoo for some time now. They have sent her gifts and PR packages in the past. She also attended the launching party of Cartier in Korea back in 2019. Additionally, she has also worn Cartier pieces for magazine photoshoots before. , fans claim that this news about Jisoo being the new ambassador for the French luxury goods brand isn’t that surprising.

This isn’t the only French luxury fashion house Jisoo endorses. She is also the global brand ambassador of Dior. She frequently attends shows and events for the brand, wears the brands’ clothing/accessories out and about, and features them in her Instagram posts. Jisoo even famously inspired the Autumn Winter 2021 collection of Dior. Check out the full collection below!

Jisoo’s brand of sophisticated beauty definitely compliments Cartier. So, we’re excited to see how this pans out in the future. Tell us your thoughts on this below!

Cover Photo Source: Instagram/sooyaaa__

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