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Cover image for Blackpink Are In Form With Pink Venom (Blackpink Pink Venom Review)
Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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Blackpink Are In Form With Pink Venom (Blackpink Pink Venom Review)

Every Blackpink comeback feels momentous. The fact that we barely get one each year and both the fans and their agency hype up the comeback to the extreme leads to us expecting every Blackpink comeback is their best.

Blackpink just came back amidst great expectations and hype as always. Their recent release Pink Venom is only a pre-release track for their upcoming album that they have been teasing about since the beginning of this year. As this is their first full group track in almost 2 years, I can see why it is being talked about so much by fans and casual listeners alike. And while most critics and reviewers seem only luke warm on the track, I personally love it.

The song starts off with a traditional Korean instrument and a drawling chant of their name in the background. Then we get classic Blackpink throughout. Braggadocious lyrics, Jennie and Lisa’s fire raps, Rose and Jisoo’s melodic pre-chorus buildup, repetitive chorus hook, and the dance break ending. It’s pretty much an updated Kill This Love - especially in terms of arrangement - both sonically and visually. So, if you, like me, like the typical Blackpink sound and vibe, Pink Venom will be right up your alley.

Where this comeback didn’t impress me much is in its visuals. This is supposedly ‘the most expensive’ music video YG Entertainment has ever produced but it doesn’t feel that way. Of course, like all Blackpink M/Vs, this one also seems pretty high budget but it isn’t grand and as visually enticing as any of their previous music videos. Their outfits, hair and makeup are also nothing to write home about. Although the girls pull off all the looks spectacularly, I believe that is more because of their charisma and personal charm than the actual styling.

All in all, Pink Venom is your typical Blackpink track with lackluster visuals. If you love their sound, good for you, you’ll enjoy this comeback. If not, just hope their actual title track will be more up your alley than this one.

How did you feel about Pink Venom? Tell us in the comments!

Cover Photo Source: Twitter/BLACKPINK

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