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Cover image for BIGBANG Gets An All-Kill on K-Charts & Is The Only Male Artist To Do So This Year
Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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BIGBANG Gets An All-Kill on K-Charts & Is The Only Male Artist To Do So This Year

Bigbang’s newest comeback was highly anticipated. And since the single, Still Life, is an absolute masterpiece, it lived up to VIPs expectations about the track.

Still Life is absolutely killing it on music charts right now - literally. The track got a certified “All Kill” on 10 April, Sunday morning at exactly 09:30 am on the Korean Music Charts. This makes Bigbang the first and only male artists to get an “All Kill” in 2022.

It is very difficult to get an All Kill - even more so in today’s era of excess - that includes excessive amounts of music released every week. To get a certified All Kill, songs have to get number one on all major Korean music charts at the same time. This includes topping the realtime and daily charts of Bugs and Genie, the 24Hits and daily charts of Melon, realtime chart of FLO, daily chart of VIBE, realtime chart of iChart, and top songs chart of Youtube.

Still Life is a single step away from getting a Perfect All Kill (PAK) - for which they have to reach number one on the weekly chart of iChart too.

Still Life has also been ranking high on various international music charts and streaming platforms. It topped the song charts of iTunes in over 36 countries - including Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Finland, France, Argentina, Australia, Mexico, Peru, Hong Kong, Japan, Indonesia, Brazil, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines and Saudi Arabia among others - and entered the Global Daily chart on Spotify too on the day of its release - i.e. 5 April.

Still Life also became the first and only single that crossed a million sales mark in China since they restricted a single account buying multiple copies of the same single or album digitally.

Congratulations to Bigbang for this feat!

Check out the music video for Still Life below and leave your thoughts about this in the comments!

Cover Photo Source: Youtube/KBS VIEW
CC BY 3.0

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