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Cover image for YG Suing People Spreading Blackpink Jennie’s Private Photos
Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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YG Suing People Spreading Blackpink Jennie’s Private Photos

YG Entertainment has decided to sue the person who spread Blackpink Jennie's private photos.

YG Entertainment released an official statement on 3 October stating that they have officially commissioned the police to investigate the person who first distributed BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s personal photos and have been continuously monitoring the content. The company also revealed that the reason they haven’t commented anything about it is to minimize further damage.

Previously, photos of BTS's V and Jennie's personal lives were circulated, raising speculation. Among them, the dominant interpretation is the hacking issue. In response, YG took legal action. In addition, we plan to take strong measures against defamation and dissemination of false information.

Read the full text of the official statement put out by YG Entertainment (translated in English) below:

This is YG Entertainment.
We would like to announce that we have officially commissioned the police to investigate the person who first distributed BLACKPINK's Jennie's personal photos. YG has been continuously monitoring the content and submitted a complaint in September after collecting information.
In order to minimize further damage, we have refrained from commenting and expressing our position on this. However, as rumors, criticism, personal attacks, sexual harassment, and invasion of privacy triggered by personal photos have been made continuously, we felt a sense of responsibility over it and found it hard to ignore anylonger. We are finally disclosing that we are taking legal action to deal with this situation.
YG is taking strong legal action against posts that damage the reputation and character of our artists. We also inform you that we have sued and reported the acts of repeatedly uploading unverified content or writing excessively malicious posts for defamation under the Information and Communications Network Act, violation of the ban on illegal information distribution, and obscenity using communication media.
We will take all available legal action without any leniency for any additional damage that may occur in the future. Photos circulated online are illegally disclosed regardless of one's will. Sharing this is a secondary offense and may be subject to legal punishment. We earnestly ask you to refrain from reckless sharing.
YG Entertainment will continue to strive to protect the rights and interests of its artists.
Thank You.

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Cover Photo Source: Instagram/jennierubyjane

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