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Cover image for Twice Nayeon Shares Video Trailer and Schedule For Solo Debut
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Ane Reyl

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Twice Nayeon Shares Video Trailer and Schedule For Solo Debut

Twice’s Nayeon is giving us a first look into the concept of her solo debut. On 6 June, a video titled NAYEON "IM NAYEON" Opening Trailer was uploaded to Twice’s Youtube channel.

The video opens with a phonograph spinning a colorful LP. The LP has all of the Twice member’s official colors and the colors all blend into blue - Nayeon’s official color - after a while. Then we see Nayeon posing happily in front of a metallic microphone, sitting on a chair placed in a sparkly room talking on a lip shaped telephone made from beads, posing in front of lights in a gorgeous gown and a big elegant hat and lastly in a room draped in colorful sheer fabrics in a dress that looks similar to the viral strawberry dress but with cherries and in green color (possibly from the same creator, Lirika Matoshi playing with bubbles and a fun pair of red glasses. The video closes with a shot of the LP playing again but this time its color changes from blue to Twice’s signature pink.

Check it out below!

The comeback schedule for the album was also released on the same day. Concept photos for Nayeon’s debut will come out from 8 to 10 June. an album preview and album sneak peek will be released on 10 and 21 June, respectively. Snippets of the comeback will be teased on 14, 15 and 16 June. Two music video teasers will be out on 22 and 23 June. The mini album and the music video will drop on 24 June. Nayeon will also do a comeback live and an MTV Fresh Out Live that will air on 24 June.

Nayeon Schedule


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Photo Source: Twitter/JYPETWICE

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