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Cover image for Nayeon Drops Spoiler & Tracklist For Debut Album - Feat Stray Kids’ Felix, Wonstein And Little Mix’s Jade Thrilwall
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Nayeon Drops Spoiler & Tracklist For Debut Album - Feat Stray Kids’ Felix, Wonstein And Little Mix’s Jade Thrilwall

Just last month we got news about Twice’s Nayeon debuting solo. Now, we are getting promotional materials teasing her solo debut.

On 30 May, the tracklist for Nayeon’s upcoming solo debut dropped on Twice’s official social media accounts. While we knew Nayeon’s solo debut would be great, we didn’t know that she would have a lot of surprising features and people involved in the project.

Im Nayeon Tracklist

Photo Source: Twitter/JYPETWICE

Nayeon’s self-titled debut mini album has a total of seven tracks. The first one, POP!, is the title track that has SM songwriter and producer Kenzie as the composer alongside Hayden Chapman, Greg Bonnick and Ellen Berg, and LDN Noise as the arranger. With just these names alone, we know the track is going to be a bop. But we actually do have a small snippet of the song that was spoiled on Twice’s Tik Tok account to prove that it is in fact a certified bop. Check it out!

There are three names mentioned in the tracklist poster that have caught everyone’s eyes. The first one is the featuring of Stray Kids’ Felix on Track #2 No Problem. As artists under JYP Entertainment, Twice and Stray Kids have always been supportive of each other but it’s nice to see them feature on one another’s music too. Plus we know Felix is a Once himself! He has shared his love for Twice on multiple occasions.

This isn’t the first collaboration between these two groups though as previously, Stray Kids member Bang Chan also featured on Twice member Tzuyu’s melody project when they covered Taylor Swift’s Me! featuring Brandon Urie.

Next up is the feature from Wonstein on Track #3 Love Countdown. This is one of the two songs in the mini album that has Nayeon herself listed as a lyricist. The other one is Track #5 All or Nothing.

The last one is not really a feature but a composition credit for another girl group member. British girl group Little Mix’s Jade Thrillwall composed Track #4 on the album, Candyfloss. This also isn’t the first time Nayeon is singing a song written by Jade as she also composed First Time from Twice’s Taste Of Love album. Watch the Twice members talk about Jade’s involvement in the track during their interview with Zach Sang below!

We are really looking forward to Nayeon’s solo debut and all of this has made us more excited than ever for it!

How do you feel about it? Tell us in the comments!

Cover Photo: Instagram/twicetagram

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