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Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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This Is The Secret To IVE’s Stunning Photos

Rookie girl group Ive having been blowing up since their debut. With a stellar debut track - Eleven, members who are all skilled and beautiful, good styling, great concept, and having two mega popular former Iz*one members - Wonyoung and Yujin, they tick all the right boxes to be a successful group. They even got a total of 13 music show wins for their debut track.

It isn’t a stretch to say Ive have had the most success among groups that have debuted in the past few months. And it seems their comeback track, Love Dive, is doing even better than Eleven. The track is charting very well on international streaming platforms like Spotify and doing just as well on Korean charts as well. It even got number three on Melon’s Real Time chart recently. The album, which is titled Love Dive too, has also sold an impressive 330,000 copies in the first week of release. Fans have been fawning over the catchy song, stylish outfits, alluring concept and stellar performances from the members.

Something else fans have been raving about are the Ive members' excellent posing, expressions and selfie taking skills. The girls frequently update the group’s social media accounts with cute selfies and stunning photos. Although all six members of the girl group are clearly gorgeous and very photogenic, the members have recently revealed that they weren’t always this good at posing in front of the camera.

In their recent appearance on the MMTG Youtube channel, the girls reveal that - posing, taking selfies and creating short form videos like Tiktok is included in Starship Entertainment’s trainee curriculum. These are classes all Starship trainees have to take when they join the company.

Leader Yujin, who was recently declared as an ambassador for the luxury fashion brand, Versace, claimed that when she first joined Starship, she was so bad at taking selfies she would have to submit two selfies - instead of one like everyone else - as assignment everyday and get feedback from their instructor on how she could improve. She doesn’t have the same problem now as she slays every photoshoot she participates in nowadays.

That isn’t all! Starship apparently also teaches their trainees to create short form content and videos like Tiktok. This seems to be a recent addition to their course as this revelation surprised Wonyoung and Yujin. The two girls have been active as idols since 2018 so they weren’t trainees when the company added this class to their training curriculum.

Member Rei added that besides filming the Tiktoks and getting suggestions about what facial expressions and gestures to make at certain points, “We would also have to add in effects like sparkling hearts and edit it ourselves.”

These classes are clearly very effective as all Ive members are at taking photos and creating fun Tiktoks and short videos to share with their fans as seen with this Youtube Shorts video.

The girls are also known for having great facial expressions during their stages and in photoshoots - especially Wonyoung who frequently gets the chance to show off her expressive face on different photoshoots, video shoots and CF shootings for her various brand endorsements and modeling gigs.

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Photo Source: Youtube/SBS Radio 에라오
Photo License: CC BY 3.0

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