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Cover image for SM Entertainment’s Halloween Party To Air Live This Year
Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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SM Entertainment’s Halloween Party To Air Live This Year

According to an October 13 exclusive media outlet report, the most famous Halloween party in K-Pop will return as a full-fledged, in-person celebration in 2022!

After a partly remote showcase and photoshoot in 2021, SM Entertainment's infamous Halloween party will resume in full swing for the first time in approximately 4 years.

In 2012, SM Entertainment's annual Halloween party started as a small, private event for the agency's artists and staff. However, the event quickly gained public attention as artists donned their most creative, outlandish costumes for a chance at winning the company's costume contest.

The online distribution of pictures before, during, and after the celebration was a hot topic until 2018, when the company decided not to hold the annual party.

Artists who win the 'Best Dresser' award at SM Entertainment's yearly Halloween party will have the honor of a significant charitable donation made in their honor.

The company also released a notice about the live broadcast of the event on Beyond Live. Read it below:

[Information]“SMTOWN WONDERLAND 2022” RED CARPET LIVE Streaming information
[Show Introduction]
SMTOWN WONDERLAND that every PINK BLOOD is looking forward to~!!
How will SM ARTISTS dress up for this year’s HALLOWEEN?
SM ARTISTS’ HALLOWEEN DAY we all have been waiting for is finally here~!!
We prepared a HALLOWEEN Special EVENT for PINKBLOODS~!!
If you are a SM ARTIST OFFICIAL FANCLUB – ACE member, Don’t hesitate to come and hang out at “SMTOWN WONDERLAND 2022” RED CARPET~!!
On October 30, “SMTOWN WONDERLAND 2022” will be held
and real-time photo wall moments will be broadcasted through the global platform Beyond LIVE
exclusively for SM ARTIST OFFICIAL FANCLUB – ACE members!!!
[Show Information]
-DATE : October 30, 2022(Sun) at 6:15 PM (KST)(expected)
-Live broadcast ticket issue: SMTOWN &STORE (
[Live broadcast ticket issue period]
October 26, 2022 (Wed) 3:00PM (KST)– October 30, 2022 (Sun) 5:45PM(KST)
[Live broadcast ticket issue Precautions]
1) “SMTOWN WONDERLAND 2022” RED CARPET LIVE is available to all the current SM ARTIST OFFICIAL FAN CLUB – ACE members to watch through Beyond LIVE, and also to new ACE members who join from now on.
2) Tickets for “SMTOWN WONDERLAND 2022” RED CARPET LIVE can be issued free of charge at “Beyond LIVE SMTOWN WONDERLAND 2022 RED CARPET LIVE Live Streaming” in SMTOWN&STORE. More detailed information regarding the live broadcast and redeem code confirmation as well as registration will be provided at a later notice.
Please note that only a single complimentary ticket (redeem code) for the live broadcast could be provided per one SMTOWN &STORE ID who joined two or more SM ARTIST OFFICIAL FAN CLUB
3) “SMTOWN WONDERLAND 2022” RED CARPET LIVE will only broadcast the photo wall, and separate interviews or global subtitles will not be provided. The live broadcast is scheduled from 6:15 PM(KST) to 7:30 PM(KST). We ask for your understanding of the potential changes in start/end times and the connection of the live stream that may depend on the situation on-site.
4) Please note that SM ARTISTS apart from KANGTA and BoA, at least one member from each group but not necessarily the full member is expected to attend the event.
5) There is no age restriction to watch the live broadcast, but as it is a HALLOWEEN EVENT, all artists will attend in makeup and costumes. Please be aware when watching the live broadcast.
6) Since all the artists will be in costumes, it may be difficult to identify the participating artists in advance. So please understand that the artist names will not be displayed on the screen during the live broadcast.
[Other precautions]

  1. Please note that you can only register one code per one Beyond LIVE account.
  2. Please be aware that you are solely responsible for any damages or harm resulting from illegal ticketing websites or unauthorized reservation services from any unauthorized parties.
  3. Please be aware that if you upload your ticket(redeem) code online such as a private SNS after you receive the code, it may be distributed and used through an illegal route.

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Cover Photo Source: Twitter/smtownglobal

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