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Cover image for Stray Kids Bang Chan Shows Off Birthday Gift From Blackpink Lisa
Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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Stray Kids Bang Chan Shows Off Birthday Gift From Blackpink Lisa

Stray Kids member Bang Chan is known among fans as a very social idol who is friends with a lot of other idols in the industry. One idol that fans might be surprised about Chan being very close friends with is Lisa from Blackpink.

Yes, you read that right. Lisa from Blackpink.

Back in September 2020, Chan had revealed in an episode of his weekly ‘Chan’s Room’ livestream that he is apparently pretty close to the YG idol. He also mentioned that the two have been friends since they were trainees.

Both Chan and Lisa are idols born in 1997. They are also both foreign idols who moved to Korea at a young age to train as Kpop idols. Lisa is Thai and Chan – although ethnically Korean – was raised in Australia.

Another thing the two have in common is their close friendship with GOT7 member and soloist Bambam. Chan and Bambam formed a close friendship as same aged trainees at JYP and have remained good friends since. Lisa and Bambam go even further back. They used to be in the same dance group when they were kids living in their home country, Thailand. This was before either of them had moved to Korea in order to start their Kpop training at their respective companies.

In a recent broadcast of ‘Chan’s Room’, the Stray Kids leader talked about a gift he received from “someone who has so, so, so much talent” and who is “Pretty Savage”. He was of course talking about Blackpink’s Lisa.

Chan thanked Lisa for gifting him the black Chrome Hearts hoodie he was wearing during the broadcast and even called it his “new favorite hoodie to wear right now.” He also joked about it being a “very late birthday present” but claimed that it didn’t matter and gratefully thanked Lisa for her great gift.

Check out the clip from his broadcast where he talks about Lisa’s gift and leave your reaction to this below!

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