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Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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NCT Tokyo And NCT Hollywood Coming Soon

We have been hearing rumors about new NCT sub-units for sometime now. But since the debut of WayV in 2019, NCT hasn’t debuted any new permanent sub-units. Sure, we did get a lot of new combinations of members working together for different tracks during NCT 2020 and NCT 2021 but all those were for single songs only. So, fans have been eager for new sub-units under the NCT umbrella and it looks like we are finally getting them.

Korean news site JoongAng Ilbo reported on 30 May that SM Entertainment is debuting a new boy group in Japan and that apparently this group is slated to be under the NCT brand. JoongAng Ilbo also called this boy group ‘NCT Tokyo’ but we aren’t sure if that is what SM Entertainment will end up calling this boy group or if it is just a placeholder name that will be changed later like WayV’s did from NCT China. The news site didn’t mention any further details - like when they are debuting, number of members and if SM Entertainment has already started preparing for their debut - about NCT Tokyo.

This news reminded fans about the fact that SM Entertainment is also working on another NCT sub-unit, NCT Hollywood. Just last year, the agency revealed that they are working with MGM to debut a new NCT unit based in Hollywood. But we haven’t heard any more information about it since then.

Although NCT’s concept since the beginning has been of a group with limitless members, and they have been adding new members to their lineup almost every year and debuting new sub-units every once in a while, fans don’t seem too happy about the announcement of the Tokyo and Hollywood sub-units. This is because they feel SM Entertainment hasn’t been handling NCT’s music releases, activities and promotions that well. They claim that NCT has too few comebacks and music releases - especially WayV and NCT Dream, and that some members aren’t even included in sub-units (Sungchan and Shotaro). Additionally, it has been almost a year since we got a WayV comeback. The sub-unit has been on hiatus ever since Lucas’ scandal broke out last year. SM Entertainment hasn’t released a clear statement about Lucas’ misconduct and fans feel this has been hampering the whole group as they haven’t had a full group activity since that incident (minus the NCT 2021 promotions).

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Cover Photo: Instagram/NCT

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