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Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

Posted on • Updated on

My Teenage Girl Reveals Debut Line Up And Group Name In Finale

MBC’s survival show, My Teenage Girl, aired its final episode a few hours ago. And we finally have the lineup of contestants who will debut. The name of the debuting group was also revealed during the broadcast.

The show started airing from November 2021 with 83 contestants. The final episode of the show that aired on 27 February, 2022 had 14 finalists competing for a spot in the debut group.

The top seven contestants who are debuting sometime soon in the future and their rankings are:

  1. Won Jimin
  2. Kim Seonyou
  3. Myung Hyungseo
  4. Hong Hyeju
  5. Kim Riwon
  6. Park Boeun
  7. Yoon Chaewon

The name of the group all of the winners will be debuting as was revealed to be Classy, stylized as CLASSy.

Congratulations to all the winners! We’re excited to see what Classy brings to Kpop!

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