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K-Pop Podcasts

Hello everyone, I am compiling a list of podcasts related to K-Pop. Help me improve this:

K-Pop Daebak w/ Eric Nam: Hosted by Korean-American singer Eric Nam, this podcast offers insider perspectives on the K-pop industry, featuring interviews with industry professionals and artists.

The Kpopcast: A roundtable discussion podcast featuring K-pop journalists and industry insiders, offering analysis, commentary, and reviews of K-pop music, news, and events.

Kpop Pillow Talk: A casual and fun podcast where two K-pop fans, Emily and Charity, talk about their favorite K-pop songs, artists, and news.

This Week in Kpop: A weekly podcast covering the latest K-pop releases, news, and events, with commentary and analysis from two American hosts.

Hallyu Been: Found here at Kpoppr. I see the description says, "Join Alex, an active kpop fan, as she discusses all things Hallyu, from learning about different kpop groups to talking about the latest kdramas."

The Nugu Squad: Found here at Kpoppr. I see the description says, "All things K-POP but make it out of context, the Greek edition."

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