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Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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Le Sserafim Confirmed To Debut In May, Release Schedule For Comeback

We now have a date for the debut of Hybe’s upcoming girl group, Le Sserafim!

Le Sserafim has been releasing individual member and group teaser photos and videos for the past few days - hyping fans up about their debut.

Till date, we have got individual introductory videos of all members which showcases their visuals and personality, individual teaser photos of all members, a group and three videos hinting at a possible model or runway concept for the debut of Le Sserafim.

The first is the video titled ‘Casting Call’ which shows the members behind the scene at a casting call for a modeling gig.

The second is the ‘Fearless Show’ video where all six members of the group walk down the runway.

The third video titled ‘The Rough cut : Debut Collection’ shows the members as models behind the scenes at the Fearless Show.

Later the same week, on 13 April, Le Sserafim released another video ‘We’re LE SSERAFIM’ where the members sit down individually for a fun interview.

And as fans have been waiting for more details about Le Sserafim’s debut, Hybe - and more precisely, Source Music - finally released the group’s debut date and schedule for the contents they will release leading up to their debut.

On 13 April, Le Sserafim’s official social media accounts uploaded a poster that detailed the group’s comeback schedule. It confirmed fan’s speculation about the group debuting in early May. Le Sserafim is debuting on 2 May, 6:00 pm KST with their first mini album and holding a debut showcase the same day at 8:00 pm KST.

Additionally, it was previously announced that Hybe Labels’ founder Bang Si Hyuk will work on Le Sserafim’s debut album as an executive producer and Kim Sung Hyun (Nu Kim) will - who is Tomorrow X Together’s visual director and used to work with BTS before - oversee the debut as a creative director.

We’re excited for Le Sserafim’s debut! How about you? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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