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Cover image for Ive Get Their First Realtime All Kill (RAK) with Love Dive
Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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Ive Get Their First Realtime All Kill (RAK) with Love Dive

Girl group Ive have been very successful from their debut. Fans have loved their songs, concepts and the dynamic between the members and having two former Iz*one members who are super popular also helped.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Gaon chart announced that the group has already sold over a hundred million album copies. This is just from their two single albums - their debut, Eleven, and their first comeback, Love Dive. Eleven sold 362,840 copies and Love Dive sold 653,348 copies amounting to a total of 1,016,188 copies of Ive albums sold till 9 June when Goan announced this news.

The music video for Love Dive got over a million views just some days ago. This makes Love Dive their quickest music video to achieve this milestone - in mere 72 days. Their debut Eleven achieved this feat in about three months.

And now Love Dive is also rising in various South Korean music charts. The song got #1 on the Melon daily chart on June 20. It is the third 2022 Kpop track to achieve this feat alongside Bigbang’s Still Life and (G)i-dle’s Tomboy. Ive have now joined (G)i-dle, Brave Girls, espa and Blackpink as the only other Kpop female groups to top Melon's 24 Hits.

On 21 June, Ive also got their first Realtime All Kill (RAK) with Love Dive. the song was #1 on Flo, Bugs, Melon Top 100 and Genie charts. Additionally, the song reached #1 on Gaon Digital Chart on 23 June.

With all of this, it’s safe to say Ive are one of the biggest girl group in the Kpop scene right now.

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Cover Photo Source: Twitter/IVEstarship

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