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Cover image for Itzy Look Elegant and Fierce In First Concept Film For Upcoming Comeback
Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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Itzy Look Elegant and Fierce In First Concept Film For Upcoming Comeback

Midzys have been celebrating ever since we heard about the upcoming Itzy comeback last month. It was announced on 2 June that the girl group will release their fifth EP, Checkmate, on 15 July and will embark on their first world tour after that.

We already got the comeback schedule some days ago. Now, we are getting the first look into what the concept of the comeback will be. Itzy released a concept film for Checkmate on 5 June. The film shows all the members dressed in elegant clothing posing with chess pieces, staring the camera down.

The clothing, background and overall color theme for the concept film is black and white which adds to the chess concept the group seems to be going with for the comeback. Check it out below!

Itzy comes across as more refined and mature this comeback. They have had a youthful, fierce and confident concept till date. Their ‘love myself/yourself’ concept has been loved by fans since their debut but they have strayed a little away from this concept since 2020’s Not Shy. their concepts since have focused equally on ‘love’ as on the ‘love myself’ theme.

We’re interested to see what the Checkmate concept focuses on. Till then, enjoy their last comeback, Loco!

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Cover Photo Source: Twitter/ITZYofficial

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