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Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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Is Hybe’s New Girl Group, Le Sserafim, The New Blackpink?

Hybe’s new girl group Le Sserafim has been super successful from their debut. Fans and critics alike have positively received their debut song and album. They are the first Kpop girl group who sold over 300,000 copies of their debut album within the first week. They also sold over 170,000 copies of Fearless on the first day of release and broke a record being the girl group with the highest-selling debut album in the history of Hanteo. The album also got number one on iTunes’ chart in over 13 countries. Additionally, the group have also been winning at music shows defeating the likes of Lim Young Woong, IVE and Bigbang among others.

So there is no doubt about their popularity and success. Amidst all of this, there is something netizens have observed about the group that reminds them of another super popular girl group in the Kpop scene, Blackpink.

This is not in the obvious way one might think - like the music they make or their choreography. Instead, netizens feel Le Sserafim’s image overlaps with Blackpink’s.

Before their debut, the group put out a number of short videos that teased their concept. Most notably, the group had a number of teaser videos that showcased the members in a model-esq concept.

The Blackpink members also promote as influencers and models alongside being idols and making music. As this image has proven to be very successful for the YG girl group, fans feel Hybe is taking cues and straight up setting the group up for getting a lot of work in the fashion scene. This is where their image is overlapping.

Additionally, Blackpink is one of the groups where the members promote solo just as much as they do as a full group. Hybe could be taking this route with Le Sserafim as hinted by the fact that they gave all members their own set for the introductory videos. Each set seemed to match the members’ and show their personalities and individuality. Of course this isn’t the sole reason why fans think the members of Le Sserafim will also have a lot of solo activities as this tactic in particular is used by a lot of groups so that fans and anyone viewing their content can distinguish the members and remember everyone individually. The fact that Le Sserafim has two former Iz*one members who have already started getting solo or duo gigs adds more to the fans’ suspicion.

What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments!

Photo Source: Twitter/IM_LESSERAFIM, Instagram/blackpinkofficial

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