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Cover image for G Dragon Looks Like A Piece Of Art On The Cover Of Vogue
Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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G Dragon Looks Like A Piece Of Art On The Cover Of Vogue

Bigbang member G Dragon is gracing the cover of Vogue Korea’s July 2022 issue.

Vogue Korea recently unveiled the pictures from the editorial shoot of G Dragon’s upcoming cover and fans are loving the photos. The idol and fashionista looks cool, sophisticated and laidback in these pictures showing off a number of diverse poses that highlight his creativity.

The magazine also shared these photos on their Instagram with the caption:

‘#VogueCover #July
Paris, romance, intoxication, joy, resistance and the first cover of July issue with GD.’

Famous Korean fashion photographer Kim Hee Jun took the photos for G Dragon’s cover. Kihoh Sohn was the fashion editor for the July edition, Geeeun did the styling, Taehyun from Mizangwon was the hairstylist while Haekyung Lim was the makeup artist for the shoot. Woori Bae was listed as the producer for it.

G Dragon has a total of four covers for the July edition of Vogue Korea. He is a colorful Chanel cardigan with a Peaceminusone pin and a bunch of necklaces layered on top on each other for the first picture. He is biting onto a rose with his head tilted back - facing the sky. For another cover he is driving a luxury car in a black tweed jacket with some golden pins.

In another cover he is sporting maroon pants, black leather loafers with what looks like a colorful waist coat on top of a plain black tee. He is sitting down for the picture with what seems like a green curtain hanging around him with his head on top of his knee, piercing through the camera with his gaze.

In the last cover, GD is in a blue bedazzled suit with a snapback on his head and glittery silver shoes.

Aren’t these pictures absolutely stunning?

Tell us what you think in the comments!

Cover Photo Source: Instagram/xxxibgdrgn

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