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Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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fromis_9 To Comeback In June

Girl group fromis_9 just announced that they are coming back in June!

On 6 June, the girl group revealed their first comeback teaser and the date of the comeback, 27 June. They uploaded a motion video showing a roundabout shot of a keyring with a four leaf clover to all of their official social media sites. It also contains the title of their upcoming mini album, ‘from our Memento Box’.

We first heard about this comeback last month when news sites were reporting about a possible summer comeback from fromis_9. Additionally, this comeback will also see a return of member Jiheon who had been on hiatus for some time due to anxiety.

This will be fromis_9’s fifth mini album following their previous one released earlier this year. The girl group has been consistently getting more and more popular with every comeback. They broke their own first week sales record with January’s Midnight Guest selling an impressive 120,000 copies of the mini album within a week of release.

The group was formed through the Mnet survival show Idol School in 2017 and debuted in 2018 with their EP To. Heart. Their 2018 release Love Bomb got viral in the Kpop community for its catchy sound and cute choreography. And it looked like the girl group was gaining momentum after that but it all got stunted when they had to go on a temporary hiatus after the Mnet rigging scandal broke out which also involved accusations against Idol School.

fromis_9’s comebacks after the hiatus have been doing pretty well commercially. The group changed their agency from Off The Record to Pledis Entertainment in 2021 and it looks like this change in management has gone well for them. Pledis Entertainment is now under the Hybe Labels umbrella and although, from what we understand, the group has pretty much the same team of people working for them behind the scenes, moving to such a large agency meant they got more support and backing to create and put out more music and content than before. The group has been coming back every 4 months since 2021’s We Go.

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Cover Photo Source: Twitter/realfromis_9

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Im excited for this Comeback!