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Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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Fromis_9 Preparing For A Summer Comeback

Good news for all Flovers out there, girl group fromis_9 are currently working on a comeback!

According to reports from industry representatives that was revealed on 23 May, fromis_9 will comeback this summer. The group will apparently release their new track (and possibly an album or a mini album) in late June. The source also revealed that this will be a full group comeback - i.e. all nine members will participate in it.

Fans are rejoicing at this announcement and the fact that the group’s youngest member, Baek Jiheon will also participate in the comeback. Jiheon has been on hiatus since late February because of anxiety. However recently on her birthday, 15 May, she did put out a solo vlog titled ‘Baek Ji-heon, college student | Birthday Cafe Tour | 🎂Jiheon DAY Vlog.’

Additionally, the fromis_9 members and their team have apparently already finished filming the music video to their comeback track. They are rumored to have filmed the music video at Sipan, USA.

fromis_9 have been releasing bangers every summer for the past few years. Their 2020 summer release Feel Good was highly praised by both fans and critics alike. The track and the alum/music video concept was a slight departure from their signature sound at the time but it suited them very well. The girl group acquired a number of new fans during this period.

Their 2021 summer track We Go built up on the sound of Feel Good and was also very successful. The music video of We Go also deserves a shout out of its own as its concept and the execution of it is so well done, Kpop fans have been calling it one of the most beautiful and memorable music videos in Kpop of all time.

We’re very excited for this comeback from fromis_9! How about you? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

Cover Photo Source: Youtube/NINE STARS
CC BY 3.0

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