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Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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Dreamcatcher Get Their First Music Show Win

Dreamcatcher have finally got their well deserved first win!

The girl group recently came back with their second full length album, Apocalypse: Save Me, and the title track, Maison, has been winning over Kpop fans all over the world.

On 20 April, the girl group got a music show win on Show Champion after getting a total 6,545 points. This is Dreamcatcher’s first music show win throughout their career - of almost six years - and fans all over the world are celebrating this win alongside Dreamcatcher with the hashtag #DREAMCATCHER1STWIN on Twitter.

The girl group was competing with a number of big names in the Kpop industry including Bigbang, Ive and SHINee’s Onew among others. So, them winning over all these big names is truly impressive.

Watch them give their tearful speech and their fantastic encore performance below!

Dreamcatcher also broke their personal sales record with Apocalypse: Save Me by selling over 85,000 copies of the album in the first week of its release alone. This is over 10,000 copies more than what their last album sold - 75,000 copies. The music video for Maison has also surpassed over 16 million views. The group has been consistently selling over 100,00 copies of their albums for a while now and their fan base has also grown immensely in the past few years thanks to their commitment to the rock genre - something that isn’t seen much in Kpop. (Although with recent rock influenced hits like Tomorrow X Together’s ‘Loser Lover’ and ‘I Know I Love You’ and (G)i-dle’s ‘Tomboy’, we think rock will take over as the new trendy genre or concept in Kpop now.)

Congratulations Dreamcatcher! They truly deserve it after all the hard work they have put into their career!

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Photo Source: Wikipedia/User:Explicit
Photo License: CC BY-SA 4.0

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