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Cover image for Choi Yena Releases Smartphone Music Video Teaser and Concept Photos For Comeback
Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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Choi Yena Releases Smartphone Music Video Teaser and Concept Photos For Comeback

Choi Yena is making her much awaited return to music.

Earlier this month, a Korean news site reported that the former Iz*one member was in the final stages of preparing for her August comeback.

Since then, Yena has revealed concept photos and further details about her comeback. Yena’s second mini album, Smartphone, will be released on 3 August. The album has five tracks - namely, Make U Smile, Smartphone, WithOrWithOut, Lemon-Aid and U. Smartphone is listed as the title track on the tracklist poster.

On 18 July, the idol revealed the logo motion teaser video for the comeback. Check it out below!

A day later, on 19 July, the comeback schedule for Smartphone was revealed. As mentioned in it, Yena released her concept photos from 20 to 22 July, Tracklist on 25 July, Lyrics Posters also on 25 July and a music video teaser on 27 July.


Photo Source: Twitter/YENA_OFFICIAL

Yena released her first concept photos on 20 July.

Her second batch of concept photos on 21 July.

The last of Yena’s concept photos came out on 22 July.

The lyrics posters for Smartphone came out on 25 July.

Lyrics Poster #2

Photo Source: Twitter/YENA_OFFICIAL

Lyrics Poster #3

Photo Source: Twitter/YENA_OFFICIAL

Lastly, the music video teaser for Smartphone was released on 27 July. check it out below!

By the looks (and sound) of it, Yena is continuing her bright sound and colorful Y2K inspired aesthetic for her upcoming comeback. As we were big fans of her debut, Smiley, we can’t wait to hear what Smartphone sounds like!

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Cover Photo Source: Twitter/YENA_OFFICIAL

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