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Cover image for Blackpink Jennie Is A Head Turner At Chanel Fashion Show Again!
Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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Blackpink Jennie Is A Head Turner At Chanel Fashion Show Again!

Every Kpop fan and fashion enthusiast is aware of how big Jennie is in the fashion world!

Everything she does and wears creates a big issue in the world of fashion. She has been known to popularize a lot of trends including bedazzled and colorful hair pins, the vintage Chanel suit, and the wide legged pants and a cute crop top combo, among other things.

Jennie is known for both her on stage glamorous fashion and her cute, trendy and on-point off duty looks.

It’s not a surprise that someone as fashionable and popular as her, often gets called to attend exclusive high fashion events and shows.

The Blackpink member, who has been a global ambassador for the French luxury fashion house Chanel, always attends the brand’s fashion shows. And like always, her attendance and outfit made a big buzz.

Jennie's Chanel Outfit

This time around the Kpop It Girl was showed up in an all black three piece set. The idol looked like a doll in her crop top, mini skirt and sparkly jacket combo paired with lace socks with bows and black platforms. Her braided updo and the gold chains and necklaces around her neck completed the look giving her unreal visuals.

Check out this clip from the event that showcases her outfit in motion below.

We totally love the look! What are your thoughts on it? Leave them in the comments!

Photos Source: Instagram/jennierubyjane

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