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Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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All Members of Twice Renew Contract With JYP Entertainment

Big news for all Onces out there! Twice are renewing their contract with JYP Entertainment.

A JYPE spokesperson stated on 12 July, “All members of TWICE completed their contract renewal ahead of the expiration of their exclusive contract with JYP this fall. Twice, who played a decisive role in establishing JYP's status, and JYP, who became a strong support for Twice's growth into a representative K-pop girl group, proceeded with the contract renewal based on their trust in each other and confidence of a more developed future.”

TWICE, who debuted in October 2015, has won various music awards right from their debut and have sold over 10 million cumulative. They have established themselves as a representative K-pop girl group by setting many new records in Korea and abroad, including having the most MVs with more than 100 million views (for 20 music videos). Their last release Scientist was also very successful as all Twice tracks are.

In 2022, they embarked on their 4th world tour 'TWICE 4TH WORLD TOUR 'III'. This tour had the first North American stadium concerts by a K-pop girl group and Twice had a total of 9 concerts in 5 cities in the United States. The tour sold out and about 150,000 fans attended these concerts. Additionally, Twice also held concerts at Japan’s famous Tokyo Dome for three consecutive nights. They are the first foreign artists to do so.

Moreover, we also got the first solo debut from a Twice member. Nayeon released her first mini album 'IM NAYEON' and the title track 'POP!' on 24 June. Fans and music critics have praised the song and her performance of it. Fans are now hoping the other members will also gradually release solo music.

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Cover Photo Source: Twice/JYPETWICE

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