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Cover image for aespa Record over 1 Million Pre-Orders For 2nd Mini Album, Girls
Ane Reyl
Ane Reyl

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aespa Record over 1 Million Pre-Orders For 2nd Mini Album, Girls

We all know aespa is popular. But if you want metrics to know just how popular this girl group is then their latest sales record will definitely tell you just that. aespa has recorded over a million pre-ordered copies for their upcoming second mini album, Girls.

Their agency, SM Entertainment, reported that the girl group surpassed a million pre-orders. Stock pre-orders are the number of albums produced before it is released. The number for stock pre-orders is calculated using a number of factors - most important of which is the number of albums fans have pre-ordered.

aespa is only the second Kpop girl group in history to achieve this. Blackpink achieved 1.5 million with their last release, 2020’s The Album. aespa’s last mini album, Savage, also sold an impressive 500,000 copies but they have doubled their album sales already with Girls and the album isn’t even out yet. Savage was one of the highest selling girl group albums of 2021.

The girl group is set to release Girls on 8 July. They will also put out an all English track from the album, Life’s Too Short, on 24 July. Additionally, on 9 June SM Entertainment also announced that aespa will premiere SMCU aespa Ep. 2 - Next Level at SM Entertainment building in Sungsu-dong at 4 pm and 5 pm. The premier is expected to run for half an hour both times. Lucky Korean MYs who pre-order Girls will be selected randomly to attend the event. SMCU aespa Ep. 1 - Black Mamba was released on May 2021 and fans loved how it gave us a glimpse into aespa’s universe. We’re hoping there will be more world building this time around.

How excited are you for aespa’s comeback? Tell us in the comments!

Cover Photo Source: Twitter/aespa_official

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